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Favorite Author(s): Linda Howard, Iris Johansen, and me!

Favorite Book(s): Open Season


About Me :

VITTORIO'S MISTRESS can now be purchased for your Kindle by clicking on the following link:

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Thanks to all the wonderful TN members who have shown their support by voting for my novels and leaving such encouraging comments.

For those of you who have been following my "series" novels, I have listed them below to make it easier to determine the order in which they should be read:

TRAVIS Series:

Gambling on Love – Sam and Anne, the parents of:
Abby – Leap of Faith
Gage – The Little Red Skirt
Nick – The Commissioner’s Wife
Scott – Innocence and Arrogance
Adam – A Place to Land

MALONE Series:

Chase – A Matter Of Trust
Derek – Her Sister’s Husband
Jake – In The Arms Of A Stranger
Brent – To be written
Travis – The Five Sisters: Vina in Venice (in progress)
Little White Lies - spin off of In The Arms of a Stranger


Simon – Vittorio’s Woman
Logan – Vittorio’s Runaway Bride
Dante – Vittorio’s Mistress
Raffaele – To be written
Gianluca – To be written

LOGAN Series:

Mac – Whispers To The Heart
Ben – Deceiving Grace
Grant – Life Sentence
Ray – The Heart Remembers
Shaun – Unconditional
Tia - Tia's Treasure


Untouchable Memory (not yet posted)- Luke and Niki, the parents
Jake – Sealed With A Kiss (marries Lainie Brenner)
Sarie - Dodging Bullets (marries Mike Brenner)


Simply Beautiful – David and Johanna, the parents
Lainie – Sealed With A Kiss (marries Jake Striker)
Mike – Dodging Bullets (marries Sarie Striker)
Stefanie – Wounded Hearts (She is David’s sister and is in Simply Beautiful)
A Different Light - spin off of Simply Beautiful
Captive Heart
Aiden's Bayou
Dream Lover
Blind Faith 

Kimberley Reeves

Claim to Fame:

Sixteen years of marriage to the same wonderful man who is and always will be the love of my life. He is the inspiration in my heart...

Being able to call Bill Pryst aka Finnean Nilsen a friend. Finn has recently released the most amazing novel - FIST FULL OF BRUNETTES - on Amazon. I bought the first copy about two minutes after it was released and am totally in love with it. If you're interested in purchasing a copy of your own and supporting a fellow writer, just follow the link below.


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Secondhand Memories, the beloved pioneer English cell phone novel that started it all in 2008, comes to print.