Why the World is Round

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Near San Francisco, CA, USA

Favorite Author(s): Marie Lu, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, and Christopher Paolini

Favorite Book(s): Legend Series, All Rick-Riordan books, and millions of others!


About Me : PLEASE! GIVE ME FEED BACK! I WOULD RATHER HEAR THE TRUTH THAN HEAR NICE LIES :D (I'ts still okay to say nice things on my stories.) XD I grew up reading, and always had an appeal to writing. I also love music, and dream of maybe one day releasing an album. I mostly write Sci-Fiction but have written some fairy tales. I also think that writing is somewhat like playing a video game, while reading is like watching a movie. Over all I am overjoyed that I can finally share my writing and get feedback. Thanks Text Novel!

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Secondhand Memories, the beloved pioneer English cell phone novel that started it all in 2008, comes to print.