Brandon Barrows

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Favorite Author(s): Too many to list.

Favorite Book(s): Also too many to list.


About Me : ***Please check out my newest, traditionally-published novel, THIS ROUGH OLD WORLD from Electric Pentacle Press!***


I write. I read a LOT. I write some more.

I've had prose books and stories, poems and comic books traditionally published and I'm here to both try my hand at the cellphone novel and read others'. I'm enjoying both so far.

Please check out my Amazon author page to find more of my work and keep up with what's going on at my website.

Profile picture is from the cover of the sixth issue of my detective series JACK HAMMER, published by Action Lab Comics. Art by Ionic.

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Secondhand Memories, the beloved pioneer English cell phone novel that started it all in 2008, comes to print.