Fuck Ups   By: Szene Sophia  (In Progress)

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Chapter 6: What Happenned Between Racha And Ines

First day after the holidays,
Racha notices the stares coming from anyone who psses her by.
This tells no good.

As she reaches the hallways of her class, Racha gasps.
tons of them were on the walls, the classrooms, the bathroom stalls,
some were even hanging from the ceiling.
These weren't any regular posters;
most of them had B&W printed selfies with the headline "SLUT" on it with a red marker,
some had screenshots of her conversations with different guys.
 And worst,
some were picture of her with Sami.
The majority of these posters were fake,
but once again, who'd believe her?

Racha dashes away from the attention to reach her quiet place,
where she finds Ines standing.

The girls have a little quarrel,
where Ines makes it clear that this is only the beginning.

Days pass by as more secrets unveal,
but this comes off as no surprise to Racha.
She was fed up.
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