Fuck Ups   By: Szene Sophia  (In Progress)

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Chapter 4: What Happened Between Racha And Ines

Racha and her friend get some drinks.
When mister gorgeous passes by them along with his
two other male friends,
he lifts his chin up as a sign of hi.
Racha was busy pouring drinks by that time.

The best friends have a little talk
about opportunities that might happen that night.
Ines had something already planned in her mind.
She was gonna confess at the back of school,
away from the DJ ruckus;
initiating that it was gonna lead to something romantic such as making love.

Racha was resistant to the idea cause it was against their religion.
She tried to convince her that she was still young to lose such a precious thing.

It was at that exact moment that Ines received
an annonymous text message of a picture attached to it;
which contained Racha and Sami,
two days ago in the school hallways, under the caption:

"Maybe she's trying to stop you for a reason, don't you think?"

The picture was taken from afar,
it made it seem
as if they were making out.
And that only made her question many things,
but she chose not to.

Racha notices the shock on Ines's face,

and asks her out of worry:

"Ines you have got to start telling me what's wrong, i'm your friend!"

Ines stands up suddenly,
points her phone screen towards Racha's face while biting the inner sides of her lips, and says on the verge of tears:

"Don't you dare credit yourself as my friend!"

Ines runs off.
But Racha didn't bother to follow her this time
she was frozen.

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