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Chapter 2: Onmyouji awakening

The next morning, Katsuro no Hiroyuki overslept. If it were not for the voices of the others residing in the compound, he would have forgotten the duty entrusted to him. Suddenly, he jumped from the futon and headed straight for a quick bath. Afterwards, he hurriedly put on his mint green kariginu (clothe) and asagutsu footwear.
Removing the weapon box from the compartment below the
tatami (floor), he selected the best of the shikigami and spell tags that would be used for his task. He then returned the rest of the weapons to their previous hiding place.
Crouching, a little, he used his fingers to form the
Akiraka ni suru spell that would help him keep a look out for anyone that might be around. He did this before leaving his room so he would not be discovered by the others. After making sure the place was safe, he sneaked out through the back door. Heading through the garden that leads into the forest path, he moved as quickly as his legs would carry him. Reaching the forest, He released the shikigami iguru and then mounted on it as they took to the air. At the same time he released the spell of invisibility. It was necessary to hide from the eyes of the very humans he had sworn to protect.
The journey was coming to an end as they drew closer to the Tori Gate of the Sumiyoshi shrine which was now visible. Upon reaching the entrance, Katsuro no Hiroyuki slowly descended from the back of his eagle style shikigami. Flicking his fingers, he released the shikigami into its lifeless form. Afterwards, he headed straight into the shrine. There were a few people still praying in front of the offering box located at the center of the shrine. With his Invisibility spell still on, no one seemed to notice that an onmyouji had just passed by. He took his time to observe what was going on in the shrine.

Watching the people closely, Katsuro no Hiroyuki noticed a woman, who had a faint yokai aura emanating from her. Had the aura not been visible there would have been no way he would have known she wasn't human. A great curiosity arose within him. He wondered, “What should I do? There are other humans around. Maybe I should lure her outside the shrine.” He then gently approached the young woman as he removed the spell that hid his presence.
Standing among the worshipers was a raven-haired beauty with dark eyes, dressed in a wine and gold colored yukata. Her feet were covered in red socks and a geta (wooden slippers). Her hair was held in a finely crafted kanzashi embedded with onyx stones. She was so deep in thought that she didn't notice her worst enemy was near until he spoke, "Excuse me, my name is Katsuro can we go
somewhere private? There is something I wish to discuss with you.” Wondering what the strange young man wanted, she decided to follow him. Unnoticed by anyone, they headed towards the entrance of the shrine.
Exiting the shrine completely, Katsuro no Hiroyuki gestured
with his hand for them to turn left into the forest. Through all this time, the woman didn't say a word. She followed him but all the while she thought to herself, "This man's presence makes me uneasy but, I can't make a run for it since he hasn't revealed his true self. I think I'll use the darkness of the forest to escape once I get the chance." After walking a few steps the young onmyouji stopped to look at the woman. “I know you're a yokai, what business have you in the world of the humans?”
Frightened, she replied, “Why do you question my reason for being in the shrine? It’s true I am not a human but, I didn't harm any of them." Nevertheless, his question confirmed that he was one to be feared. He knew her true nature without her openly revealing it.
"Tell me, do you go by a name or should I just call you yokai?"
He leaned closer waiting to hear her response.
“My name is Akihana,” she replied. “I am from the onikisu
house. I left the yokai world almost half a season ago in search of a different life.”
With a pleasant surprise on his face, he replied, “you mean you're

from the yokai noble house that creates the finest onyx stones the world had ever seen?”
"The same,” she replied. “After a while I wanted to see something different and experience a new world.”
with a gentle voice, he said, “My apologies for not paying you the proper respect Akihana-sama. How long do you plan on staying here before returning to the yokai world? I have been assigned to watch this place, and it is my sworn duty as an onmyouji to protect all humans from any yokai.”
He said all these things because he didn't want any unnecessary distraction. “Oh! You’re an Onmyouji,” replied Akihana. This isn't too surprising based on the history between our kinds. Anyway, I'll leave this place and go elsewhere if that would please you.”
“Thank you for your consideration, Akihana-sama,” He said with great relief. “You may finish what you came to do at the shrine.” He turned to head back to the shrine, leaving her in the forest. While Akihana was heading out of the forest, she thought. “I thought he would fight me. Not that he would have stood a chance now that I know what he is. After years of studying his kind and knowing their weaknesses, there is no way he would be a match for me.”
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