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Chapter 1: Onmyouji awakening

A very young Onmyouji, named Katsuro no Hiroyuki, paced across the room. He anxiously waited for his master Onmyouji\'s response to his quest to fulfill his long-awaited desire. “How long do you think you can keep me waiting,” He asked?
Immediately, came the response. “I see you haven\'t changed since we last saw each other. Was it a tenth of a season? Whatever it is that you\'re playing at, just count me out of it because I have no interest.”
“Tell me this master,” Katsuro said. “Have you agreed to place me on watch duty in the human or yokai world?” As he spoke, his eyes fastened, with great respect, on the one who had the power to determine his fate (Katsumi no Katashi) for he wielded so much power even among his kind. “What do you think?” Asked Katsumi no Katashi His voice
betraying his irritation. “That I would let my favorite take up such a dangerous task? You really must think so poorly of me. Are you in a hurry to lose your life?”
Wanting to diffuse the situation, that was rapidly getting out of hand, Katsuro no Hiroyuki began to formulate the next plan. He needed to do something that would be enough to gain the favor he sought. So, he began to consider his options.
“Would I beg and say that it was only a joke? Why would I have thought that he of all people would grant my request?\" With that in mind, knowing that the only way to get what he wanted, was to plead with the one who held his destiny (Katsumi no Katashi).
He bowed his head to beg for forgiveness. “Please Katsumi no Katashi-sama, I meant no disrespect by asking for the guard duty. I just thought this is the only way to prove my worth as an elite onmyouji. If you deem it to be something detrimental to my wellbeing, then I, Katsuro no Hiroyuki, would humbly withdraw my request.”
Wondering what had come over his disciple for him to show such humility in the face of possible rejection, His master replied. “I see, you’re no longer the selfish, ill-mannered, impulsive child I used to know. It seems time truly brings about a sense of maturity. I will take your request into consideration
and allow you just this once to guard the Tori Gate located at the sumiyoshi shrine that connects our world to the Yokai world.
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