Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 6: Demonic Secrets

Final Honors?
Ryuu and I exchange glances, confused.

A beautiful girl with long hair appeared next to the guy who announced our welcome, concerned.
"Fujinaga-san, you confused our new students."
She turned to us with a cute smile. "You two have special invitations to the rank higher than normal honors; Final Honors."

"Wait, then where's the Honors Complex?" Ryuu asks.

"Over there," the girl points to the other building we had failed to notice.

"How do you know we're Final Honors students?" I pipe in, still confused.

"Because," Fujinaga-san says, "your potentials have already been recognized.
You two are now the shadows of this school;
The Hidden Prodigies."
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