Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 5: Demonic Secrets

Through the opening of the trees and neatly mowed lawn was the Honors Complex.
Takano High Private School didn't bother to cover an inch of the rich greatness.

"Here we are," I say to Ryuu. "The Honors Complex.
We use most of the time here, but we have classes and electives. We pretty much have partner study, with a permanent one.
I was going there to find out mine."

"Okay then," Ryuu replies.

We walk down the flashy path of roses and tulips, and come to the entrance of the complex.
The building itself is covered partially with the eye-catching flowers.
When we open the chocolate colored doors, the first thing we see is the sophisticated setting.
Of course, it;s nice and homey too.

"Welcome," I hear a chorus of warm voices from inside.

I look to the faces. Only 6 are here. Isn't there a mandatory meeting for the honors class during the opening ceremony?

"Hi," Ryuu and I say in unison. "Please take care of us." We nod simultaneously in respect.

"Hello, Okamoto Ryuu and Shirasu Takako-san," a person with an aura of authority comes to us in the doorway from the living room; where everyone else gathers. "Welcome to the Final Honors."
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