Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 4: Demonic Secrets

"Why didn't you tell us you enrolled in the same school?!" I ask, confused. "Kou and I have wanted to see how you would look like, too!"

"Takako," he says, raking a hand through his surprisingly good looking hair. "I was hoping nobody would recognize me, not even Takashi."

"Why don't you want anyone to know?"
I ask.

"I'll tell you afterschool.
Right now, remember, my name is Okamoto Ryuu."

"Okay, then, Ryuu."

"Don't call me by my first name!"

I snicker; I've always wanted to talk to him in real life. "You call me Takako, though."

Ryuu rolls his eyes, his face a bit flushed from frustration. "Oh, where's the honors class complex?"

"Oh, I was about to go there. Follow me."
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