Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 2: Demonic Secrets

Before turning off my phone, I text that I'm going to the Honors Complex before going to the gardens.

I stuff the phone in my pocket and look ahead.
Takano High; I've gotten here a year early. The street-like halls outdoors and the buildings like skyscrapers seem to be unreal.
Ha, I beat you to it, I say in my mind to no one in particular.

I start walking to a separate complex reserved for the 13 honors students qualified this year; the people who passed the scholarship test with flying colors, usually 2nd and 3rd years.

Due to this, I'm the only freshman.

My thoughts are interrupted by reality, as someone bumps into me, causing all of my books to fall out my hands.
I groan, picking them up.

"Sorry," a voice says. A familiar one.

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