Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 16: Nori and His Secrets

"First day of high school, accomplished," Takako says, sighing.

"Why are you walking home with me?" I ask, looking at her weirdly.

Since the prestigious high school, is, in fact, prestigious, the location is amazingly right in the middle of the rich district. With every step we take, there's a nice shop with expensive things on display.

I wish I lived like this.

"Do you live alone?" Takako randomly asks, looking at me.

"Well, yeah," I respond with a nod.

"Why? Do you have financial support?"

She sounds so serious for someone a grade lower. "No, not exactly. Only for tuition."

"My finances are supported by the school, since I live alone too. I'm going on a scholarship," Takako informs me. "Do you have a part time job?"

"Used to."

"What happened to living with your family, without a part time job, or financial support?"

"They're dead." I say that so smoothly, without thinking. How did that slip?
"I mean..." I stutter.

"Was that supposed to be a secret?"
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