Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 11: Nori and His Secrets

"How did you know about the Prez and Athletics Head?"
I ask Takako, as we walked around proudly with our new HP lanyards.
Takako and I are partners for classes, though the year difference.
We're still in the Honors Class, anyways.

"I'm not stupid," Takako says, shaking her head.
"Even though I was expecting you to be a teensy bit chubby doesn't mean you don't look like you."

"Oh, that's just great."

"Speaking of me being great, I've been promoted as the leader of the HPs."
I make us stop walking in whatever direction we are heading to (this place is amazingly large), and pause.

"There's only two of us..."


"I'm the older one...."


"Aren't I supposed to be leader?!"
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