Hidden Identities   By: Junshi  (In Progress)

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Chapter 1: Demonic Secrets

The gate of Takano High seems to tower over me with intimidation.
I hesitate to step in, but will pushes me in.
I walk to the boards, trying to find my name in one of the first year classes.

I'm, of course, in the honors class. I search more to see my friend's older sister in one of the other freshman classes.

I take out my phone to chat with my friends.
"I'm at Takano now," I text.

I get a couple of replies, like: "How come someone younger than me is now my senpai?!" a guy friend I call Mi-chibi texts.
"Congrats for skipping a grade, I'm at the gardens," Michi's older brother, Takashi-san, texts.
"Me too," adds Sora, my best friend, Kou's, older sister.
"I'm not calling you Takako-senpai," Ibe (Minori) types; the only one who I call by the last name.
"Great, come hang out with us older kids!" Ibe's nee-san, Naoki, texts cheerfully.
"Good for you," Kou says with a broody tone.

"I bet you'll fail freshman year." The last one is Nori.

"Oh well, shaddup," I reply Nori's in annoyance.

*Mi-chibi is a combination of Michi and chibi (meaning kid or shorty).
*Nee-san is a respectful way to say big sister.
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