What is textnovel?
What is happening in Japan and other countries with cellphone novels?
Can textnovel stories be read on my cellphone?
Does it cost anything to use textnovel?
What is a private story and how is it different from a public story?
What is a pen name?
Will textnovel run future contests?
How do I enter the textnovel contest?
How do I win the textnovel contest?
Why the $1,000 prize for the winner?
Why do I keep having trouble logging into the forum?
What does textnovel get in exchange for the $1,000 prize?
Will there be future contests?
Does my story have to be a novel to be posted on textnovel?
What about copyright laws?
How do I add to my story by email?
How do I add to my story by text message?
How do I insert an image or drawing into my story?
Why doesn't the story score always match votes plus subscribers?
Why are stories sorted by views rather than points in the current Textnovel contest?
How many Premium Stories can be entered in the contest?
The rules say we can't interfere with the voting process. What does that mean? Is it interfering if I get my friends and family to visit the website and read or vote?
Can we create promotional items like t-shirts or other things to advertise our story or the contest? What about give-aways?
Shouldn't you completely hide R rated stories from the home page?
Can I export my story and all the comments and notes?
What are the rules for posting book covers?
How do I fix the weird punctuation symbols appearing on my chapter?

Secondhand Memories, the beloved pioneer English cell phone novel that started it all in 2008, comes to print.