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Textnovel was launched in 2008 as a social sharing network for authors and readers of serial fiction. It is also the first English language website to recognize the cell phone novel and largest source for cell phone novels now. Members can write and read fiction with their cellphones or computers, using the mobile website m.textnovel.com, the eMobo iPhone app, text messaging, email and online tools.

Textnovel runs contests for fiction writers, allowing them to demonstrate the market potential of their work through its unique serial publication and voting format. Many Textnovel members have gone on to publication and writing careers onwards. We are always seeking passionate individuals, working on improving, developing new projects and working on other cool features too.

For more information about the concept of cell phone novels and the special Cell Phone Novel genre on Textnovel.com: What Are Cell Phone Novels?

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Textnovel has been prominently featured in articles in the following newspapers and magazines:

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Secondhand Memories, the beloved pioneer English cell phone novel that started it all in 2008, comes to print.